“Reparations On My Soul”

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“Reparations On My Soul,” a new exhibit by the Chicago Torture Justice Memorials at Art In These Times, explores reparations as a meaningful act of redress for over 100 African American men who were systematically tortured by former Commander Jon Burge and other white detectives under his command on the South Side of Chicago. Displaying works by local and national artists that imagine speculative memorials that recall Chicago’s history of police torture and the struggle against it, this exhibit honors the survivors of torture, their families and the African American communities affected by the torture. This exhibition is on view October 11th through December 2013.


Friday October, 11th 6-9pm Opening Reception and Conversation:

6:00-7:15 – A Conversation: What Do Reparations Look Like?

Including…Martha Biondi, educator, author and activist; Alice Kim, cultural organizer, writer, activist; Joey Mogul, attorney with the People’s Law Office; Prexy Nesbitt, international speaker on African issues, anti-apartheid activist; Mario Venegas, survivor of torture under Pinochet’s Chile; Chicago police torture survivors. 7:30-9pm – Reception with artists to follow.

Photos from Opening night:

On Tuesday, October 22 from 6-7pm The Public Square will be hosting a Cafe Society conversation (a discussion series about current events) at Art In These Times in conjunction with the In These Times magazine Hot Off The Press Party right after.
Photos from 10/22:
Friday, December 13, 7-9pm
Chicago Artists Against Torture: Beats, Rhymes, and Rhythms

Words, performances, and readings by Alderman Joe Moreno, UGOCHI, Darby Tillis, Krista Franklin, Ryan Lugalia-Hollon, Marvin Tate, Alice Kim and more…Event Documentation by Bronte Price for CTJM:

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