DE-MIL-I-TA-RISE: a new curbside + entryway exhibition

Art In These Times is excited to exhibit a new portfolio of prints by Justseeds in support of Dissenters and printed at Hoofprint in Chicago!

Dissenters is a movement organization leading a new generation of young people to reclaim resources from the war industry, reinvest in life-giving institutions, and repair collaborative relationships with the earth and people around the world. They are building local teams of young people across the country to force institutions to divest from war and militarism, and reinvest in what our communities actually need. From campuses to congress, they are building grassroots power to cut off war elites once and for all.

In an effort to lift up this important work, Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative has organized DE-MIL-I-TA-RISE—this portfolio and booklet—for use in Dissenters’ organizing campaigns, popular education projects, and cultural programming.

In our doorway, you’ll find a small selection of images from the 30-print portfolio while the entire portfolio is installed in the first-floor entryway. While the building has not been open for public events, we will let you know when there will be an opportunity for public viewings.

You can find more information about the portfolio and an accompanying booklet that includes the work of some amazing poets as well as reproductions of the visual artwork at the Justseeds website.


Aaron Hughes, Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative
Liz Born, Hoofprint
Timmy Châu, Dissenters
Nadine Darwish, Dissenters
Alex Y. Ding, Dissenters
Asha Ransby-Sporn, Dissenters
Roger Ourthiague Jr., Veteran Art Movement

Iván Arenas, Liz Born, Molly Costello, Alec Dunn, Asha A. Edwards, William Estrada, Sarah Farahat, Eric J. Garcia, Ryan Griffis, Amber Hoy, Aaron Hughes, Sanya Hyland, Paul Kjelland, Nicole Marroquin, Fernando Martí, Andrea Narno, Roger Ourthiague Jr., rishi, Roger Peet, Citlali Perez, Grae Rosa, Monica Trinidad, Mary Tremonte, Claudia Qi, and Melody Yang 

Khalid James Abudawas, Munira Alimire, Fatimah Asghar, Kevin Basl, TeQuila Chatmon, Tongo Eisen-Martin, Stephen Funk, Cean Gamalinda, Destiny Harris, Daniel King, Sejahari Saulter-Villegas, Carlos Sirah, Devon Terrell, Vanny V, and Jamila Woods

Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative
For the People Artists Collective 
About Face: Veterans Against the War
Prison+Neighborhood Arts/Education Project
Chicago ACT Collective
emerging Veteran Art Movement