Art ITT Wants Your Exhibits

Show Your Next Exhibition at Art In These Times

Art In These Times is a community gallery focused on printmaking and photography that deals with the challenging social and political questions of our times. We are looking for exhibitions and thought you might have good ideas. The gallery is run very informally and so there is no budget. But as you can see from past exhibits on our website, we have a good track record of attracting media attention and because of the unique setting in the offices that the 35 year old progressive magazine In These Times shares with other local organizations, there is a unique cross-section of people that see these exhibits over the 3-6 months they are displayed.

Emphasis is placed on the opening or closing receptions because on a day-to-day basis the space is used for an office (with a fair amount of foot traffic due to the diverse range of people renting offices at In These Times) and is not public. We encourage programming for the opening reception such as readings, workshops, lectures, music or screenings as a way to attract more people and develop the themes of the exhibition. Additionally, we encourage exhibitions that include the work of multiple people and are organized around themes as both of these approaches tend to attract more people to the exhibition opening.

for more information see and contact Rachel Dooley at

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